I grew up at Phillomena

I grew up at Phillomena

We are very proud that nearly all of our students stay with us from early childhood until they are young adults.

Here are just a few of the kind words and comments from Phillomena dancers and parents, past and present.


"Wow - what a real credit to you all"... read more

The dancers were super last night – every single one of them – and the show a real delight!

I don’t know how you manage to get them to where they are for every night of the show, performing brilliantly.

In the changing rooms they are one big family. The girls are happy to mingle with each other and enjoy their time together, I didn’t realise how many friends Hannah had at the school.

You must be so proud.

You are all lovely people and we are so pleased to be part of the Phillomena family.
Claire Sbiti

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And millions and millions of thanks for such great dancing lessons.
We love you loads
Sara and Juliet

"We've had some fun this year!"... read more

I love you so much and thanks for everything and being there for me when I needed you!
Love you always
Sazzy T

"Vera has enjoyed every minute"...read more

of being at Phillomena!

She has achieved far beyond expectation, and the exercise every week has kept her fit – she’ll be sad to leave after such a long time. You have welcomed us into your school and lives and we thank you for that.

We all appreciate the efforts that you have put in to keep the school the success that it is and helped Vera in her maturity and self discipline.

Kind Regards
O Driscoll

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Thank you so so much for everything you’ve done for me at dancing. My time with Phillomena has literally been the best ever! I’ve enjoyed and loved every minute of it especially the dance shows.
I appreciate all the lessons and fun I’ve had with you. I’ve literally grown up with you all and I can’t tell you how much I’ll miss Phillomena and you (Miss Lynda). I can’t believe after all these years that I’m leaving… it’s so sad. But, you can’t get rid of me that easily – I’ll be back!

I’ll definitely come and see the shows! I’ll miss you so much.
Love you lots and lots
De De

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For all the wonderful dance classes. I have really enjoyed all of them and feel I have really improved during my time at Phillomena. I will miss it a lot, though I have wonderful memories of the school, from the excitement of the shows to the stress of exams!

Thank you for everything Lots of love

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Thank you for everything and being the best dance teacher over the last 10 years. I have enjoyed every minute of it and will miss you and the Phillomena School of Dance. I will definitely come back during breaks from Uni. I’ll certainly keep dancing but nothing will live up to the amazing times I’ve had in classes and the 6 shows I’ve been part of. Thank you again – I’ll miss you.
Love from Emily