Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a free tshirt as an ex student returning?
Free T-shirts are given with every new enrolment – if you are a returning student you do not receive another free tshirt.

If I happen to be late collecting who do I contact?
You must contact your class teacher via your class Whatsapp group chat or by telephoning them direct. We would never leave a child unsupervised & someone will always wait for them to be collected safely. Alternatively – teachers can also offer to drop the child home if we have permission to do so from your enrolment process.

Can a sibling stay and watch?
Siblings are not permitted to watch every week – you are more than welcome to watch your child’s trial class.

If class is cancelled and can’t make the make up class what happens?
Cancelling classes is very rare, however, in bad weather it is sometimes impossible to travel to our venues. If classes are cancelled refunds are not available. However, we will endeavour to make up the class at another time. If ever we have to cancel a class due to unavailability of a venue, a make-up class will be scheduled at a later date – again refunds are not available. We always know in advance any dates that are not available for us and we ensure that you are notified at the beginning of every term of any changes.

Who do I contact should I have an urgent query?
Please contact the office by email or reach out to your classes Whatsapp group chat.

What shall I do if the uniform I purchased doesn’t fit?
Please email the office or speak to your child’s teacher direct. New items of uniform worn in class will be charged for. We can only accept uniform back to change for alternative sizes – if it has not been worn & is still in its original packaging.

Is there parking at your venues?
There is limited roadside parking at both our Stoneleigh & Tadworth Studio.
There are car parks at all our other venues.

Where can I find term dates?
Term dates can be found on our website & also in our Newsletters emailed at the beginning & throughout the term.

Party – do parents stay or not?
Depending on the size of the venue will depend whether there is space for parents to stay or not. If you have booked a party with us in either of our Stoneleigh or Tadworth studio’s – there is not enough space for parents to stay.

Party  – what clothing to wear?
If you are attending a party delivered by us, we kindly ask you wear clothes you can easily move in & shoes that are safe to dance in.

Is there a waiting list?
Some classes may have waiting lists – you will be informed of this when you enquire for classes with us.

Who should I contact if i cannot attend a class?
The best way is to contact your teacher direct on your classes Whatsapp chat or you can email the office & we will pass the message to your child’s teacher.

Can I have regular feedback on my child’s progress?
Our teachers would be happy to discuss your child’s progress either personally or via email/ whatsapp. We also give some feedback through our on-boarding process that follows when you join our Phillomena Dance Family.

Is there a watching week?
We aim to provide an open day on the last class of term (especially for our Poppets classes) but it all depends on the size of venue & the discretion of the teacher.

Do you do a show/performances throughout the year?
We offer an annual performance to all our Phillomena Poppets Classes & a bi-annual performance for the remainder of the school.

Do I have to take exams?
Exams are offered to all students but are not compulsory. If you opt out – then your child will continue to progress with their class mates that do participate in exams.

Do I have to buy the school’s uniform and shoes?
Yes – we have a set uniform for all our classes & most items need to be purchased from us.

Can I pay as I go or block classes?
We do not offer Pay As You Go weekly classes – all classes are required to be paid in full on a half term basis.

Is there a minimum or maximum age?
The Minimum age to start classes with Phillomena is 18 months (walking).

Which classes is good for adult fitness?
All our Adult classes are a great way to get fit & have fun!

Which classes can I do without any dancing background?
Depending on your age we will advise the classes we feel would be good for you.

Is there somewhere for me to wait?
In most of our venues there is no waiting areas – most parents drop & go.

Can we stay & watch the classes?
You are more than welcome to watch your child’s first trial class with us. However, it is not possible to watch classes every week. We do offer an open day on the last class of term – if the venue is big enough & the teacher allows.

Do you accept childcare vouchers for payments?
Unfortunately we do not accept any vouchers.

If my child needs to change uniform for the next class will there be someone to help?
Teachers and teaching assistants can help the children who needs help changing.