Adult Classes – discover the dancer in you!

Whether you have attended dance classes as a youngster or you’re just starting anew – our classes are designed to inspire, nurture and bring out the best in everyone!

Our new adult classes are super friendly, lively and full of fun and laughter – we sure do have a giggle. There is never a dull moment and you can enjoy learning practical and technical dance skills in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Attending a dance class is a great way to keep fit, meet new friends and share the joy of dance – so much better than pumping iron at the gym.
Please accept our invitation to have your first class on us – bringing a friend is optional – leaving with one is guaranteed!

  • Adult Ballet
  • Adult Ballet

    Are you wondering if our adult ballet classes will be a great fit for everyone, especially you? Then the answer is yes, everyone is welcome, whether you are completely new or you’ve experienced ballet in the past. Our adult ballet classes are designed in such a way to inspire the development of tenacity, flexibility and strength in you. It’s a complete body workout;
    • Improves posture & stability
    • Strengthens & tones muscles
    • Improves joint mobility
    • Promotes calmness & gracefulness

    Come and try for yourself in a relaxed, happy & encouraging atmosphere.

  • Adult Tap
  • Adult Tap

    If you’re the one that often falls in love with the idea of tapping out rhythms and improving your timing, fitness, and flexibility, then adult tap class is a perfect fit for you. It’s a great cardiovascular exercise and excellent for coordination. It is a fabulous workout for the body and brains amidst good company in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

  • Adult Street/Jazz
  • Adult Street/Jazz

    Come & enjoy a great workout to some funky tunes. Every 5-6 week course concentrates on new dance routine – the music never stops & neither do you! Get your boogie shoes on & come join us!

    Please wear comfortable work-out clothes & trainers.